Reset operation of S80 Plus and S80 Ginkgo Edition

1: Go to the Bluetooth setting on your cellphone, unpair the device.
    If you didn't pair the TWS to your cellphone, go to step 2 directly.

2: Put both earbuds in the case.

3: Take out the left earbud, wait for around 17 seconds. Then you

    will see the red and blue lights flashing alternatively.

4: Short touch (tap) the left earbud for 3 times, then you will see

    the light turn to red light and flash for less than 1 sec, then

    lights off.

PS: Step 4 will not be easily activated in case of misuse.

       If you fail to do step 4, do this step again.

5: When Step 4 is done, put the left earbud back to the case.

6: Do the same operation for the right earbud.


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