Our Story

"Astrotec" is composed of "Astro" and "Tec" (Technology), which implies Astrotec's endless pursuit of exploration in acoustic technology, and the combination of acoustics and aesthetics.

With the concept of “continuous exploration”, Astrotec products utilize cutting-edge technology to deliver a better listening experience and a unique musical charm.

Our Beliefs

At Astrotec, we believe that user experience is most important, and persist in the creation of better products.

Brand History


​The parent company was formally established and engaged in research, development, and production of acoustic products.


​The researcher of the Institute of Acoustics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was invited as a technical consultant to provide acoustic products and earphone products for Japanese and American audio brands.


​Internal adjustment, integration of the injection molding department, mold department and cable department began to build a self-owned audio brand "Astrotec".


​The first self-branded earphone product AM90, followed by the first generation of Lyra series earbuds and self-developed patented AX balanced armature and dynamic driver hybrid series


Astrotec won the Japanese authority VGP award multi times and passed the certifications of SRRC,  Hi-Res, FCC, TELEC, EU CE, KC, NCC.


Won the honor of “Chinese Top 10 Headphone Brands” for five consecutive years and has once again cooperated with Knowles to launch Delphinus series and S60 true wireless earphones.